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Restaurant Review: Skipjack’s Best Fresh Seafood Gluten Free Menu

Located in the heart of the Back Bay, Skipjack’s has devoted itself to serving the freshest seafood from around the world.Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 1.06.53 PM

Skipjack’s was named after a type of tuna that is indigenous to the Pacific Ocean and known for tenacity and strength.  Owner Jeff Senior chose the name to reflect his vision of a restaurant renowned for its aggressive pursuit of the highest quality products, while keeping prices affordable.

Skipjack’s offers a gluten free menu with interesting and varied selections for seafood (and even non-seafood) lovers. The portion sizes are quite generous; you definitely get a great value for your dollar. While the menu is not inexpensive, the prices are fair and certainly much better than some of the overpriced trendy, but mediocre, places on Newbury Street.IMG_4045

The gluten free menu was quite extensive, including a raw bar, appetizers, sushi, salads, seafood, Skipjack’s specialties, steaks and most importantly, fried food! It’s not everyday you find fried food on a gluten free menu.

Naturally, I ordered the gluten free fried calamari as an appetizer. The batter is rice-based, making it very light and crispy. I was in heaven! I devoured the calamari, and of course I shared some with the rest of the table.

*Please note that the fried food is cooked in the same fryer as everything else.
*Please note that the fried food is cooked in the same fryer as everything else.

For my entrée I choose the Chilean Sea Bass off the “Today’s Catch” section of the menu. I ordered it grilled with a side of French fries and the vegetable of the day—carrots. Anything in this section of the menu—salmon, haddock, rainbow trout, swordfish, etc.—is available broiled, blackened, or simply grilled. The fish was fresh and perfectly cooked, but overall my meal was pretty bland.IMG_4048

I would recommend ordering something off the “Signature” section of the menu. Almost everyone else at the table ordered something from this menu, and everyone loved their meals. Gluten Free Signature dishes include Cioppino, Shrimp Chardonnay, Grilled Swordfish Fra Diavlo, Scrod Imperial, and Grilled Jumbo Shrimp. These sound much more interesting and flavorful. Skipjack’s also offers a creative sushi menu, complete with gluten free soy sauce.

The service is friendly and prompt. Our waiter was well-informed about the menu and happy to give us recommendations.

There is a public underground parking lot at the side of the entrance, which is very convenient for out-of-towners.

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Skipjack’s has a second location at Patriot Place in Foxborough.

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