Review: Carrie Nation Cocktail Club opens in Beacon Hill

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 4.29.22 PMI recently attended the opening of Carrie Nation, a new cocktail club in Beacon Hill. The restaurant is owned by East Coast Tavern Club, which also owns nearby establishments, Emmet’s Irish Pub, 6B Lounge, Scholars American Bistro and the former Crossroads Irish Pub.

The club’s namesake comes from Carrie Nation, who was a radical member of the temperance movement years before Prohibition became law in 1920. Her signature move was using a hatchet to attack taverns and other places that served alcohol.IMG_4086

This new speakeasy-style cocktail club will be open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The décor replicates the era just before Prohibition, with oxblood red walls, black and white tile floors, and velvet drapes. The staff members wore bowler hats and sequin headbands to complete the 1920’s vibe. I loved the long bar, cozy booths and the warm and inviting feel of the restaurant.IMG_4070

The Dinner Menu is quite random, with no particular theme, offering eclectic dishes ranging from Moroccan Lamb Tagine and Miso Salmon Filet to a chilled raw bar and charcuterie options. Many menu items do not contain gluten. Some dishes that do contain gluten, dairy and/or nuts can be made to omit those ingredients. Click here to view the allergen info. IMG_4074

A buffet was set up so that we could sample the menu’s tasty concoctions. The food was delicious, and we were not disappointed. Highlights included the den miso salmon filet with sesame rice cake, ginger garlic baby carrots and bok choy to the rack roasted Berkshire pork chop with an apple bourbon glaze, gorgonzola and mashed sweet potato. IMG_4073

Other menu items we sampled were raw Duxbury oysters, shrimp cocktail, imported meats and cheeses, hummus, crudité, and chocolate truffles. Some of the other offerings that I am not mentioning were not gluten free, so obviously I didn’t try those.IMG_4082IMG_4084IMG_4083

Carrie Nation’s signature cocktails are categorized as “Cops & Robbers,” “Drys & Wets,” “Politicians & Power,” “Lawyers & Judges,” and so on. I tried the Racket Buster, one of the “Cops & Robbers” cocktails. Named after the famed Boston cop James Sheehan, it is described as a “good honest” blend of Ketel One vodka, Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse, lemon, simple syrup, and Peychaud’s. It was tasty, but a bit sweet, and many of the other drinks sound just as sweet as this one.IMG_4072

This new addition to Beacon Hill is certainly a welcomed one. I know I will be back again with friends for after work cocktails and a bite to eat.

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