Dec 15

Gluten Free Options at Lima’s Taste Ceviche Bar and Restaurant // West Village


Lima’s Taste, located in the West Village, is a small, cozy and vibrant neighborhood restaurant. I love the ambiance and décor, and it doesn’t attract many tourist. With both high top tables and regular dining available, it’s great for a romantic night out, drinks with friends, or dinner with a group. Lima’s Taste specializes in authentic Peruvian cuisine, with some of the dishes tracing back to the Inca civilization — such as the Escaveche, a chicken or fish dish seasoned with Panca peppers, vinegar, and garlic, served with onions and yucca [gluten free]. Lima’s Taste Specializes in ceviche but offers plenty of chicken, meat, vegetarian, and of course seafood options. Ceviche is made with fresh, ripe fish and seafood, ‘’cooked’’ in the juices of lemons and limes, spices and seasonings.… Read More »

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Dec 11

A gift for you: $10 off at Bonefish Grill


      The Fresh Fish Experts at Bonefish Grill are continuing to celebrate the holiday season in a big way by offering a $10 gift to me and all my readers now through December 30! Bonefish Grill has a gluten free menu that features everything from gluten free beer and martini’s, to appetizers and fresh wood-grilled specialties, and desserts. There are plenty of menu options to please all tastes. While you’re there, savor some of the decadent dishes from the new Colossal Winter Menu featuring favorites like  succulent King Crab Legs, and Whole Grilled Mediterranean Branzino stuffed with citrus and served with a Mediterranean sofrito and arugula almond grains salad. To embrace the season and all its frost, sip one of Bonefish Grill’s Winter cocktails including the Cold Snap Blackberry Frost served in a… Read More »

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Oct 05

Inti NYC Restaurant – Peruvian Cuisine // Hell’s Kitchen


Inti is a comfortable, low key restaurant serving authentic Peruvian cuisine. Inti NYC Restaurant has many options for gluten free diners. Choose from a selection of options that include chicken, beef and seafood dishes. Many of the dishes are rice or quinoa based and naturally gluten free. There are only a few menu items that are not gluten free. These include: empanadas, Arroz Chaufa (Peruvian style Chinese fried rice), fried calamari, and the fried seafood platter. Instead of complimentary bread that is offered at most restaurants, here each table is given cancha; giant toasted corn kernels. These kernels have a slightly nutty and salty taste, very crunchy and absolutely delicious. The cancha is served with aji verde, a spicy light green cream sauce. Peruvian choclo, or corn, has giant sized… Read More »

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Oct 04

Oysters Bar and Grille // Pembroke MA


Oysters Bar & Grille is a modern take on the New England Oyster Bar, combining the Raw Bar, American Bistro fare, and cocktails. Located in Pembroke, MA, Oysters has the perfect location between the Cape & Boston. Changing the menu seasonally to serve the freshest and most local ingredients as possible. The Oyster Bar offers a daily selection of oysters, clams & shrimp cocktail. $1 Oyster Special at Bar and Lounge, every day between 4 – 5:30pm. The oysters were excellently shucked, not a single piece of shell in any of them. All of the oysters we tried were super fresh and delicious. Our waitress was so knowledgeable about oysters, I was impressed. She was able to describe the taste of each one, and she was right on. So if… Read More »

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Sep 30

Cevich // Union Square

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.44.49 PM

Ceviche is a seafood dish popular in coastal regions of Central and South America, especially Peru and Ecuador, where it originated. The dish is typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers. Ceviche is one of my favorite dishes, we had our favorite spot in Somerville, Machu Picchu, we loved to go to when we were living in Boston. So you can understand my excitement when I heard about Cevich, a restaurant specializing in ceviche. Cevich, located in Union Square, has a fast food feel. You walk in, order at a counter, and then take it to go or sit at one of the few counter seats looking out onto 15th St. Here, ceviche is assembled… Read More »

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Sep 08

Sin Gluten {Gluten Free} Tapas in Galicia, Spain

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.29.55 PM

I just got back from my forth trip to Spain. You could say that I love traveling to Spain. This time I went to Galicia. It was my first time in this part of the country. Jeremy and I spent 6 nights traveling to different cities— Vigo, Pontevedra, Ourense, and Santiado de Compostela. We also spent 2 in Portugal– I’ll be posting about Portugal later this week! Located in the northwest corner of Spain, surrounded on two sides by the Atlantic Ocean, is the region of Galicia. Seafood is the king of cuisine here and about half of the seafood consumed in Spain comes from the waters of Galicia. Why do I love Spain so much? The people, the landscapes, the culture, and the food is all amazing! If you… Read More »


Aug 07

Whole Foods Charles River Plaza One Day Sale on Coho Salmon Filet Friday, August 8th


On August 8th Whole Foods Market – Charles River Plaza will be having a HUGE sale with extremely deep discounts that you won’t want to miss. Every year, customers and team members alike look forward to wild salmon season. There are several species of Pacific wild-caught salmon including King Salmon which is sometimes called Chinook, Coho Salmon, also called Silver Salmon, Pink (or Humpback) Salmon (used mostly for canning), Sockeye Salmon, also known as Red Salmon, and Copper River Salmon, which could be Coho, Sockeye or King. WFM very own port buyers, Keith Harris and Anthony Jordan, live in Alaska during the summer months and work directly with the fishermen and salmon on the docks to select the highest quality fish. In honor of the One Day Sale I’ve created… Read More »


Jul 12

Gluten Free Options at Muqueca Restaurant // Inman Square, Cambridge


Many Americans associate Brazilian restaurants with rodizio style all-you-can-eat buffets or churrascarias, where skewers of meat are brought to your table and sliced directly onto your plate. Muqueca is a different kind of Brazilian restaurant. Rather than the focus being on meat, most of the menu items at Muqueca are seafood based. Muqueca is both the name of a charming restaurant in Inman Square and the name of a national dish (typically spelled Moqueca). Naturally, Moqueca is the signature dish here. Moqueca is a Brazilian seafood stew originating from the states of Espirito Santo and Bahia. Moqueca is cooked on top of the stove in clay pots. The seafood is poached in a rich broth, which is seasoned with tomatoes, cilantro, onions, olive oil, and annatto— a natural coloring seed.… Read More »

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Jun 20

Gluten Free Options at Vejigantes Restaurant Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine // South End


The South End is one of Boston’s best dining destinations. Among the lesser-known restaurants is Vejigantes, an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant.. Vejigantes is located just off of Tremont Street, on W Dedham St., in Villa Victoria, an affordable housing development, which is perhaps why so many people haven’t heard of if. But I encourage you to make a visit; I promise you won’t be disappointed. Vejigantes, with over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, brings the best of the traditional Puerto Rican food. Located in the heart of Villa Victoria, Vejigantes is representative and a testament to the struggle of the Puerto Rican community in Boston. Vejigante is a clown-like character that plays an important (and mildly terrifying) role in many Puerto Rican festivals and carnivals. Vejigantes is… Read More »

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Apr 09

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese


Founded in 2000, Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company is a specialty food business that offers all natural, high quality gourmet lobster and seafood specialty products that are ready to serve— making Maine lobster more accessible to consumers. The test kitchen is located in Cundy’s Harbor, Maine’s oldest commercial lobstering village, and a production and fulfillment center is in Topsham, Maine, just a few miles away. In June 2012 Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company introduced a gluten free lobster mac and cheese. As the importance to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences became more prevalent in the food industry, they enthusiastically stepped up to the plate to offer a variety of gluten free products. The company now offers a new gluten free version of their famous, award-winning Lobster Mac and Cheese! Last month I… Read More »

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