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Tamarind Bay in Washington Square is a great neighborhood gem. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. Not just the server, but the chefs and the food runners; when he delivered our food, he made a point to tell us -confirm/reassure us – it was gluten free, which was great. A++

Everyone is given a complimentary ‘bread basket’ of Paratha. Well, I am so glad I told the waitress right off the bat, and not waited until we ordered, because she brought us Marsala Paratha, made of 100% chickpea flour. They do have non-gluten free Paratha which they serve to customers as well, so make sure you ask for this! It was delicious, with hints of garlic, onion and coriander. This ‘bread’ is very thin and crunchy. It also came with two dipping sauces; a sweet and sour sauce and the other made of green herbs, my favorite, and not too spicy (I have no idea what it is called).

We shared to appetizers, Chicken Soup and a Chickpea and Potato Salad. The soup was incredibly spicy, I tried to eat it but after 3 bites I had to down 2 glasses of water, so Jeremy had that dish all to himself. It was very tasty, don’t get me wrong, but I just couldn’t handle it. Of course Jeremy can tolerate spicy food much butter than I can and enjoyed the entire bowl to himself.

The Chickpea and Potato Salad with lemon, onion, cilantro and finished with a sweet tamarind dressing was another story. It had a nice kick to it, just on the edge of being too spicy for me, and so full of flavors! The cilantro and spices were so fresh and so green and with the lemon was a nice compliment to each other. We really could not get over the flavor of this dish, Jeremy kept saying it was one of his all time favorite dishes we’ve had out, and I do have to agree with him on that one. I highly recommend ordering this, and it is big enough to share. I wonder how difficult this would be to make on my own….

For dinner we shared two entrees. Every time we go out to eat we get one (or two) appetizers and two entrees and every time we say “This is so much food! Next time let’s just order one meal to share”. Do we ever do that? Obviously not. The bad thing, there is too much food (wait, that’s not a bad thing at all!). BUT I do end up eating more than I normally would, so I guess there is a bad part to it. The good things about ordering two dishes – getting to try two dishes instead of one, and having leftovers for lunch tomorrow :)

The first dish was lamb; Saag Gosht. This dish consisted of cooked lamb in a fresh and very fragrant spinach sauce. The sauce was made of pureed spinach, tomato paste (usually, not 100% sure about here) and spices. It was thick, but not creamy or fatty. Again it was spicy, I think I drank a gallon of water throughout dinner, but I ate it.

The chicken masala dish we ordered, was EXTREMELY hot and too spicy for me. The flavors were great, I liked the taste and next time I will know to tell them to tone it down a little, and by a little I mean a lot!

Both entrees are served with basmati rice, we had a huge plate of it to share and didn’t eat all of it. Basamti rice is my favorite kind of rice, I always order it at Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants. I love the flavors – cardamom, cumin, cloves, yummm!

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I've been on a gluten free diet since January 2009. It's been an adventure, and a challenge at times. I love to go to new restaurants and try new foods, and being gluten free can make eating out difficult at times. But I will not let my dietary restrictions get in my way of finding new restaurants and products. These are my stories of being a young women in a big city, eating out and trying new foods, all while NOT eating gluten. Like I said, it's an adventure and you are welcome to come along... Please note that as I try to eat gluten free 100% of the time, my intolerance is not as severe as others so please use caution when dining at restaurants that are not certified gluten free.