Zaftigs Brookline Jewish Deli NOW Serving Gluten Free Bread & Bagels!

I have great news to share – Zaftig’s now carries gluten free bread and bagels!  Ironically, the menu says Gluten Free White or “Wheat” Bread. Hmmmm…what?! Don’t worry I double checked and it is indeed gluten free. Why they named it ‘’wheat’’ is beyond me.

Tonight, I had a pastrami sandwich and is was everything I dreamed it would be. After having to watch everyone else enjoy one each time I’ve been, I was finally able to have my own sandwich, complete with bread and all!  Previously, Zaftig’s offered a very limited gluten free menu, and each time I ordered the stuffed cabbage (delicious, the best I’ve ever had) or salmon.  What’s the fun in going to a Jewish Deli and not being able to have a bagel or Ruben sandwich? Well that is how I felt. Until tonight. The new gluten free menu now offers many delicious choices.

The bread is smaller than the traditional rye or Challah sandwiches are usually served on, but this is a common problem with gluten free bread; small slices. The pastrami was good, always ask for it lean, it costs more but it’s much better than the fat. They charge $1 for gluten free bread. I don’t mind paying $1 (some pizza places charge up to $4 extra, which is absurd!) But if you are going to offer something gluten free you should charge extra, it’s not right. We have an allergy we can’t control and we already pay much more for groceries. So please stop making this a habit.

The Stuffed Cabbage is still my favorite dish at Zaftigs. It is a must try! Like [almost] everything else, it is tasty and amazing. Stuffed with ground beef, rice, onions, garlic and more, and served with a cranberry tomato sauce.

The only dish I am not a fan of is the Salmon, which is served with the vegetable of the day and your choice of baked potato, mashed potato, potato salad I hope you like potatoes), or cole slaw. The salmon is a bit on the dry side. And now that they offer gluten free bagels and bread, why would you want Salmon if you could have a sandwich or bagel with lox cream cheese and capers?! Unless, you are my dad, who would eat salmon everyday all day if he could. In his case, I forgive him.

I cannot wait to go back for brunch and have French Toast and a bagel with nova lox. Yes, at the same time! Be warned, Zaftigs is extremely packed on Saturday and Sunday Brunch, and you should expect to wait.

So what does Zaftigs mean you ask? Full-bosomed; having a full, shapely figure; (of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous.

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I've been on a gluten free diet since January 2009. It's been an adventure, and a challenge at times. I love to go to new restaurants and try new foods, and being gluten free can make eating out difficult at times. But I will not let my dietary restrictions get in my way of finding new restaurants and products. These are my stories of being a young women in a big city, eating out and trying new foods, all while NOT eating gluten. Like I said, it's an adventure and you are welcome to come along... Please note that as I try to eat gluten free 100% of the time, my intolerance is not as severe as others so please use caution when dining at restaurants that are not certified gluten free.

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  1. Before I take a trip by your deli, I wanted to double check that you indeed carry GF bagels. Thank You

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